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Day#5 in 2018. Me and Kiriya collaborated making this collage. Kiriya cut the paper, I did the rest. #craft #collage #happyplay


Mini ATM Coin

Day#4 in 2018. My promise this morning is to make a mini ATM Coin for Kiriya. After watched the tutorial, I managed to make it. As a bonus, I also made a purse for her (I haven’t make the photo of it). #craft #HappyPlay



Day#3 in 2018. I learned from Kiriya, trying new thing, need some courage. Today is the first time, Kiriya get on odong-odong :). Foto from Pampam #HappyPlay


Nail Polish

Day#2 in 2018. Playing with stamp. Then it turned become nail polish :). #HappyPlay



Day#1 in 2018, learn Kokoru. Without watching any tutorial, I made the doll. Then I learned 2 basic Kokoru from youtube, so next time I can make better things with Kokoru. Kiriya also had fun with Kokoru, she loved to wash the Kokoru paper with water :). #craft #kokoru #HappyPlay