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Family Tree

Day #25 in 2018. Really great full had dinner with My father, Kiriya, and two of my cousins, talked about family tree & my father childhood. #HappyPlay



Day #24 in 2018. We tried to create many creatures and also bracelet from bunchems. The accessories are cute. We also love to sing Bunchems.. Bunchems.. Bunchems. #HappyPlay


One Book for Two

Day #23 in 2018. Got this cute book from yesterday hunting in Gr*media (discounted books corner). Me and Kiriya enjoyed drawing together. #HappyPlay


Card Game Dobble

Day #22 in 2018. I just realized that me and Kiriya haven’t played any board/card games since new years eve. I decided to introduce 1 card game called Dobble to Kiriya, one of my favorite party games. The core of the game is to find out one picture in our card that exactly the same […]


Rock Slide & Mini Sandal

Day #21 in 2018. Sliding in this rock wall, is more challenging than the usual slide and it’s more fun. Kiriya created more than 5 sliding styles :). This rock wall gives children an opportunity to be creative. Today, I managed to make a mini sandal for Kiriya’s doll. I made it from material that […]


Slide or Rope Bridge ?

Day #20 in 2018. I learned from Kiriya that sometimes slide can be so scary. And sometimes the rope bridge is more fun, even though it more challenging than the slide. But don’t give up, we can try the slide later when we have all the courage. #HappyPlay


Birthday Hat

Day #18 in 2018. I learned from Kiriya that this hat can share a lot of fun. We can do ‘hat dance’ . We can do ‘clap hat’. We can use it as a hat. We can put the hat on our nose (cover our mouth) then scream. We can do tricks. #HappyPlay


Cassava Chips

Day #17 in 2018. My stomach is not full yet and I feel hungry. I grabbed cassava chips, it is delicious and it’s hard to stop. Thanks God, I can still eat anything that I want.


Cute Clown

Day#11 in 2018. This cute clowns landed in my laptop, when I was working. It was made by cute hand.


Pinky Sand

Day#9 in 2018. Playing pinky sand in Kidszoona Paskal 23. #HappyPlay