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Best Teacher

Day #63 in 2018. When Kiriya met her cousin (Nawla) who older then her, I found that Nawla can teach Kiriya, and Kiriya learn fast. Sometimes the best teacher for your kids is her friend. #HappyPlay


Airport Playground

Day #53 in 2018. It’s always hard to maintain the public facility. Also in this airport. Last July, Teteh can play a lot in the airport playground. But now she decided to play in another ‘mini playground’ that is built by one of airport tenant. Because the airport playground became not fun anymore, soon it […]


Teddy Bear’s Swing

Day #48 in 2018. In front of this cute teddy Bear’s swing, there is a food stall that provides a delicious kupat tahu and tahu Sumedang. Each time we went here to have breakfast, Kiriya asked me to see this Teddy Bear’s Swing. It’s cute, even though they teddys are getting darker and older. #HappyPlay



Day #47 in 2018. It’s Kiriya’s first rainbow. It’s so beautiful. We sang rainbow song. Pelangi pelangi alangkah indahmu, merah kuning hijau di langit yang biru. Pelukis mu Agung, siapa gerangan. Pelangi pelangi ciptaan Tuhan. #HappyPlay


City Forest

Day #38 in 2018. This morning we went to city forest babakan siliwangi. Kiriya very excited and she can walk all over the route. Making this city forest is great but unfortunately they did not put any details, it doesn’t have emergency route & there are no toilet :(. #HappyPlay


Pinky Doughnut

Day #35 in 2018. Making beautiful doughnut is not easy. You need a lot of patience, a strong hand to work with the dough. The dough should be elastic and not sticky. Even it’s not perfect, more important is I can finish it, and Teteh love it. My first pinky Doughnut : #HappyPlay


Drawing Class #1

Day #33 in 2018. Starting today in Kummara, we have drawing class every Friday morning before working hours. Ezza will teach us. Drawing is fun. I start to love drawing from last month because I need to compete with Kiriya. Hopefully I can make improvements. #HappyPlay


Grandfather & Grandchildren

Day #28 in 2018. Just had dinner with my father -that has 7 grandchildren, in sundanese restaurant. There is a playground in the restaurant, with a big slide and a swing that can be used not only for children but adults also can try it. Really great full, seeing my father happy taking care my […]


Birthday cake

Day #27 in 2018. Special gift today, got a birthday wishes from Pampam & all the family, and birthday cake from Kiriya :). #HappyPlay


Hard Puzzle

Day #26 in 2018. When bunch*ms got stuck in doll hair, it became a hard puzzle. I have to save the doll hair. To solve the puzzle, I need to take the hair piece by piece very carefully, it took lot of time, patience and it works. But I need to think another way. I […]