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Peri dengan Tongkat Biru

Weekend adalah jadwal kami untuk ‘bikin-bikin’, istilah di Keluarga kami untuk ‘DIY’. Kami akan membuat Peri dengan tongkat yang bisa menyala. Kami = Saya dan Teteh. Teteh membantu sebisanya. Inginnya saya Teteh yang membuat gambar perinya, Saya bantu yang lainnya. Tapi Teteh ingin semua dikerjakan berdua. Jadi kami menggambar berdua, Teteh membantu membuat mata, hiasan […]



Jerapah ala Kiriya. Kakak Bintang bantu mengelem matanya.


String Beads

Day #68 in 2018. Me and my husband commit to buy only toys that can bring curiosity, creativity, imagination for Kiriya. We also try to make any toys that Kiriya wants instead of buying the expensive toys. Last night, Kiriya asked Pampam to buy any toys for her. Pampam bought beads so Kiriya can string […]



Day #66 in 2018. Thanks God, I have Kiriya. She always challenge me to make something. I learn to be more creative, making toy in only a few minutes. Today, I managed to make a telephone from wooden blocks and tire. Taraa.. #HappyPlay #craft


Kiriya’s Laptop

Day #37 in 2018. When a toddler asked for a laptop, here what I can give. Much cheaper then the original ones :). Laptop from unused boxes plus Bluetooth keyboard. #craft #HappyPlay


Rock Slide & Mini Sandal

Day #21 in 2018. Sliding in this rock wall, is more challenging than the usual slide and it’s more fun. Kiriya created more than 5 sliding styles :). This rock wall gives children an opportunity to be creative. Today, I managed to make a mini sandal for Kiriya’s doll. I made it from material that […]


Ice Cream Spoons

Day#8 in 2018. From ice cream spoons, Me and Kiriya made this: #craft #HappyPlay



Day#5 in 2018. Me and Kiriya collaborated making this collage. Kiriya cut the paper, I did the rest. #craft #collage #happyplay


Mini ATM Coin

Day#4 in 2018. My promise this morning is to make a mini ATM Coin for Kiriya. After watched the tutorial, I managed to make it. As a bonus, I also made a purse for her (I haven’t make the photo of it). #craft #HappyPlay



Day#1 in 2018, learn Kokoru. Without watching any tutorial, I made the doll. Then I learned 2 basic Kokoru from youtube, so next time I can make better things with Kokoru. Kiriya also had fun with Kokoru, she loved to wash the Kokoru paper with water :). #craft #kokoru #HappyPlay